Anyone have any experince/advice regarding tandem feeding.

Discussion in 'Breastfeeding' started by princessp, Oct 18, 2016.

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    I'm still feeding my 20month old and don't really have a plan to manage it when bay arrives. My plan is to go with the flow ( no pun intended)

    I don't particularly want to stop feeding my older child as it's such an easy way to get him to sleep and to comfort him- also has benefits to his immune system.

    How difficult do you think it will be to manage feeding the two of them do you think?

    I'm not sure how my little boy will react to having another baby feed from me. I don't actually think he is getting much from me anymore( may be small amounts of colostrum.), so it may come as a shock to him once my milk comes in again?

    My little boy fed constantly from me for the first few months so don't see how I will fit in any other feeds if my second baby is the same?

    I'm constantly getting questions as to when I'm going to stop feeding older child as I couldn't possible feed him and new baby.
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    I only tandem fed for a couple of weeks so probably not much help, but happy to share my experience.

    During my pregnancy my eldest continued to feed at bedtime but it was more for comfort and cuddles than anything else. The feeds had gotten quite short with her hopping on and off and I would usually tell her when she had to stop due to discomfort and a big bump!

    When we brought baby home we decided that OH would have to do toddler bedtime so I offered her booby downstairs first. She had to fit in around baby feeds but she took to it well and had some fun finding new positions on the sofa! We were lucky that our second had no feeding issues and her feeds were short so no real difficulty fitting them both in. I do wonder how much of baby's success was because I was already breastfeeding.

    We stopped altogether after a week in hospital with baby broke the bedtime routine. Wasn't my plan but just sort of happened. She was 27 months.
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    My experience of tandem feeding is very limited. DD fed through pregnancy but it wasn't every day by the time DS was born (she was 22 months then). When my milk came in she rolled her eyes with delight and said "good mulk" it totally surprised me that when I offered to feed her the next day she said "no, mulk for baby". She tried one more time a couple of weeks later but seemed to have forgotten how to suck. DS and DD are very close and there was almost no jealously between them in the early months. I think DD not feeling pushed out of BFing helped with that. Its hard to predict what will happen. For us just taking it one day at a time worked.
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