Anyone else scared?

Discussion in 'Third Trimester' started by pink lady, Jun 23, 2005.

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    May 18, 2005
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    I know it's normal to be worried as well as excited but sometime si get so worked up. This is my first pregnancy, not 100% planned but i wouldn't go back and change it. As soon as i found out i was made up as i have a wonderful husband who adores children and a strong financial position. Although my only downfall is lack of knowledge and experience with children. I'm the baby of my family and have never changed a nappy before!

    I'm sure plenty of people have managed and you pick it up pretty quick but i'm just worried a ssome people are naturals and i don't want to get it wrong! i am hoping to breastfeed and express two bottles a day for gareth to feed first thing and last thing. But once i sort of get it straight in my head what i will do someone will say every baby is different, might not like breast, might not get enough then you'll need powder etc. And then my brain gets flooded with panic like how will i bathe him (it's a boy by the way!) the right way? and what clothes do newborns wear? long sleeve? short sleeve? with feet? without feet but with socks on?

    i drive myself crazy! i am going to use the gina ford contented babay book but there is stilll so many trivial things i'm freaking out about! any advice will be greatly received!

    hope you don't all think i'm crazy!!!

    just need some reassurance!!!!
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    Hun - I'm 9 weeks and thinking the same!! I think when it comes to it you will just know (I'm presuming you have common sense :wink: ). But serously - you will kind of have to go with the flow a bit and see what routine baby takes. It probably will be a big guessing game to start off with - even people who have had kids might have a baby that follows a totally different routine than the elder siblings.

    It's totally natural to be shi**ing your pants! If your baby doesn't like breast milk - maybe check your diet, don't eat acidic things etc. you will have help from your midwife and Heath Visitor for all that though. Try not to worry too much - it will all be fine :D
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    Hi Pink Lady, Im exactly the same as you, Im the baby of the family and both me and my partner dont know the first think about children, steep lerning curve taking place! I have been bricking it, but I have descovered two really usefull things, One is the Complete Baby and Child book by Miriam Stoppard, (a name you may well have come across, she has written loads of books in this field) It covers everything on how to wash, dress change your baby etc including how to stimulate your child and information on bay and girl personality traits etc andalso I picked up a copy of Prima Pregnancy & Baby Magazine the other day which I found really interesting and covered loads of interesting topics, like MMR jabs, how to look after a summer baby in the sun etc and if you take a years supscription (which I just have) its 50% off so its only £13 for a year!
    And also you will be getting regular visits from your midwife to start with to help you. Try not to worry Im sure everyone was like this with their first! Its just the way some poeple make it look so easy and you feel a bit stupid if you dont even know how to hold your own child properly!

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