Anyone else scared about first scan??

jo jo

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May 26, 2005
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Hi All

I have my first scan on Thursday and im so scared that there may be something wrong or even that there is not anything there.

Did anyone else feel like this before their scan?


I was exactly the same, expected them to say, something like "oh there is no baby, you must have just imagened it all!" But everything was fantastic, I was the same with my 20 week scan too, but again everything was great!

Its normal to feel nervous, just try to relax its the most amazing sight on screen and hearing the little heartbeat, that im sure all your worries will just dissapear!

Take care :D
Natalie x
Oh god yes im so so so so nervous, its a week on thurs, and im panicking already, are we normal ?????? Ha ha ha!! I have aleady had a 5wk scan due to some bleeding, it was amazing, saw heart beating away.
I think due to a previous m/c im so aprehensive, i still can not imagine holding my baby in 7 months time. will i ever get to full term?
Im guessing were perfectly normal, and others do worry about it too. have you got someone going with you??#
good luck, please let us know how you get on...dont worry too much.
Hels x
Ho Jo Jo.!

Don't worry U will be fine.. I have had 4 scans now and have been like that with every1 of them ( I think It's what they sauy: It's like a mother Instinct to worry LOL ) I really hope all goes well for you...

Love Danielle and Bubble xx

I have my scan in thursday as well! We will have to compare pictures!

The DH is a bit scared about it but I am taking it in my stride.

My belly has just started growing now so I am pretty sure there is something in there.

Just keen to see our baby for the first time now!

Fingers crossed for us both!
My scan is also on Thursday (11.50am). With previous pregnancies I've worried that they'll find something wrong, but never that they'll not find anything. This time for some reson, I've been having nightmares that there's nothing there, even though I've got a bump and did loads of tests.

In the past, the doctor / midwife always felt my tummy / did a blood test to confirm the pregnancy, and there were quite a few appointments before the scan. This time I was told I didn't need to make an appointment until 12wks, and the scan is followed by the proper booking appointment. Whether the midwife noticed I was showing last week and because it's my 4th didn't think she needed to check I'm not sure, but I'll probably continue having nightmares until Thursday
Thanks all.

Im glad its not just me, thought i was being stupid but it seems quite common to worry about it.

Hels my boyfriend is coming with me, i dont think it will hit him really untill he sees it on the screen well nor me actually. Im not showing yet and i have not really had any sickness just feeling abit queasy so i dont feel any different apart from aching. I just keep thinking there has to be something there i have not had a period since april.

Anyone know how to load the picture on here, i would love to show everyone when ive had the scan. I dnt have a scanner though.
Hi Jo Jo

I think you will need a scanner to post the pic, or maybe you could take a picture of it with your mobile and send it to the computer that way? I don't know how to do that, I don't have a camera phone. Do you know anyone with a scanner, maybe they could scan it and e mail you the picture?
Someone i know has to have a scanner. ill ask around although taking a picture with my mobile seems the easier option. i just hope the scan is clear. Some pictures of scans seem to be really clear but others ive noticed you can barely make out.

How many pictures are you allowed to take as i wanted 4, for me, the grandparents and my friend really wants a picture.

Not sure, I was only offered one, but wasn't charged for it. I think different hospitals are different. If you get it scanned you can print out more copies, that's what I did. Mine was really clear, but I have seen some where you want to ask 'which part is which?'!!

Good luck
i've had 7 scans so far and i'm still worried about them finding something wrong, if not with the baby with my placenta or the sac, dont think i'll stop worrying until bubs is born.

We haven't got a scanner but we do have a digital camera so i took pictures of my scan picture and then downloaded them to computer and it came out fine

Thats my scan done at 23 weeks bubs is sucking her knee lol

Also with the scan pictures i asked them if i could have extra to send to my mum and they gave me loads but i think it depends on who you see on the day, some hospitals charge you 2 pound each so you can have as many as you pay for basically.
Thats a bargain! I have to pay £7 for my scan!

Worth it though. I am going to wear proper maternity wear on friday and reveal all my news to everyone!
I have a scan on thuursady too, and i am soo excited but also soooo scared that something is gonna be wrong. Cant wait till its over with. Does ne one know what tess they run on u wen u go.

I have to pay 3 pound a scan pic where i am, im gonna be broke caos i know ill want loads. hehe :lol:

bec x
Hi Boo Boo

As far as i know they dont run any tests. I thought they just did the scan.

I think i have to pay about £2 a picture, worth it though.

Manda that picture is amazing. xx
I think everyone stresses about their first scan I got it in my head they would be like ohh theres nothing there what are you on about! but as you can see it was def in there! The clarity of pics depends on the baby's position and your size, according to one of the books I have. The Mat Unit here charge £3 for a pic but the lady did ours 2 for 1!

I do have to have tests wen i got the letter thro they sed i need to give a least two hours for my appointment to run a few tests and do scan. Mite jus go and look at the pack the midwife gave me, cos she showed me in there the list of stuff they will do.

Ohhhh im ded excited think im gonna go overboard and get like a milion photos, it will be one for me one for mum one for mum in

bec x x
Wow what great scan pics! you must be well happy!
so so so nervous for mine, think ill be holding my breath until the sonographer says "oh yes. there it is"!!!!!

Lovely picture!!!

I am strating to stress out that we won't be able to find the department that does the scanning and that we get to the appointment late and they send us home.

The fact that I am worrying about this is probably a good sign, as things I worry about don't tend to happen.

Does anyone know if the sonographer is normally situated in the maternity department or somewhere else in the hospital? I seem to be worrying irratiionally about this.
At the hospital i have to go to the scanning department is not on the maternity department, its on a different floor. She did give me directions to it but ive completely forgot. Damn.

I dont think i will look at the screen untill she says something like there it is. Im so scared, i had a dream last night that i had a m/c aswell which has made me even more scared. Like what if the heart stopped beating or something. Im gonna be a nervous wreck tomorrow which is really sad because it should be a happy day and i should be excited. ve got butterflies just thinking about it.
I have now got just less than 23 hours to go and counting!

There are only two things that I want to see tomorrow.

1) A healthy baby on the screen
2) My husbands eyes lit up with amazement.

Thats all I want and need at the moment.

I am begging and praying for that.

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