Anyone been given clomid for high FSH

Discussion in 'Secondary Infertility' started by Lucyboo, Jun 22, 2016.

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    We are looking at TTC no2 after taking 2 years to fall with No1 she is now 1 year. I haven't had AF now in 6 months and although my FSH levels are high, they aren't as high as when I was TTC my daughter. I'm under a gynae GP who has referred me to a guy in London and is talking about putting me on Clomid. She would have prescribed it there and then yesterday but would rather me see the expert first. They wouldn't offer that when we were trying for No1 as apparently I was a write off even though we have proved them wrong and it's amazing we have our little miracle but to give her a brother or sister would mean the world. I think they are finally listening as I'm running out of time basically if we want a second. I just wondered if anyone else out there has been offered Clomid for this reason.
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    I have high FSH. I asked about clomid but was very quickly dismissed as I ovulate already. I have read some positive things about it though for people with low AMH. Thats why I was asking about it.
    I have also read that it can be ineffective because the FSH is already high and clomid works by raising FSH to ovulate and if its high to begin with then there is nowhere to go but there has been some success from my reading xx

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