Any tips for heat rash?

Discussion in 'Kids Health' started by DeniceF, Jan 15, 2020.

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    May 30, 2019
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    While changing my newborn in the middle of the night, I totally overdressed him and woke up to find him with a heat rash. I've given him a bath and adjusted to just a thin, short cotton onesie now and he seems really comfortable. (I know, weird to be posting this in January but we live in the tropics so it's 28-30C outside, and with AC our room is cooled down to 25C)

    Does anyone have experience with heat rash? How long did it take to go away? Any tips to speed up the healing process?
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    Have you tried using talcum powder before dressing him? I remember my mother told me she used to apply talcum all over my brother's and my skin when we lived in the tropics for a while. It doesn't cure the heat rash but prevents it apparently. Not sure if it's true though lol
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