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Apr 21, 2005
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I have just been wondering whilst stuggling to wash the pots if your bumps have stopped you doing things as they have got bigger??
Im just that height that is awkward to stand at the sink, i can just rest my bump on the side, but i get soaking wet, or i can stand to a side, but that hurts my back, tonight i have leant down on my elbows with my feet two foot from the sink!!
My friend said that she struggled tieing her shoe laces, im ok at bending over for now!!
For a bit of fun...What have you guys struggled with??
I am an awkward height especially doing the dishes lol. I would be better off taking them in the shower with me the mess I am in by the time I am done.

I tend to have trouble putting socks on and tying show laces on my left leg but not so much my right which is weird!
Yep - shoes and socks are a killer, I have even worn my slippers up the school a few times as they look like shoes!!

And washing up and ironing really kills my back!!.....shame - have to get DH to do it!!
I am exactly the same: socks and shoes!!!! practically impossible...My husband helps me with these. And bending over, for whatever reason!

turning from one side to the other in the bed as well...horrible!

and, well, very's becoming difficult in the toilets as well :oops: :oops: :oops:

mel xx
everytime i turn over in bed my hips crack, its really weird!!
Any one else had this?
Yup turning over in bed or getting out of bed. I too am finding it harder to "wipe" after toilet trips. And as for keeping my bits hair in order...........forget it.........i try but god knows what the outcome looks like.......i dare not look!
I had great difficulty getting into a public loo once when i was nearly 9 months. They were really narrow and I had to climb over the seat to close the door. Not one of my greatest moments.

i tick the above as well! turning in bed is dreadful!

and add to the public toilet story trying to crouch to not sit on loo seat in pub toilet is really hard as well :lol:
The washing up thing! I did it leaning on my elbows for months, in fact i still find myself doing it now. Getting out of the bath was a nightmare, we don't have a shower so I had no choice and used to really struggle escpeically the last month when I got stuck a few times I had to sort of shimmy up the back off the bath then haul my self out. Turnig over in bed also, i could of done with a crane! Lol
- washing up
- getting close enough to the bathroom mirror over the sink
- wiping after loo visits
- public toilets (i use the disabled one now if the ordinary cubicles are too small! had a couple of comments, but i just said i was too big to get into the other ones!)
- shoes and socks (funnily this is worse on my left foot?!)
- getting out of bed ur up from the sofa
- providing urine samples for the MW, impossible to see what i'm doing, so it was hit and miss (mainly miss...) until i realised i could use the cut off bottom of a plastic bottle to give me a bigger target to aim for, then decant into the ridiculously small proper container! lol
- feeding my cat (or anything else that involves bending down to pick something off the floor!)

i'm sure there's more too...
I've had all the troubles listed above, and added to that, I am struggling to fit through gaps :D

I nearly couldn't get into my car last week in a multi-storey. The first issue was getting between the two wing mirrors and then I couldn't get the door open wide enough. I was really puffing and panting (and swearing and cursing :D ) by the time I sat down and got comfortable.

Luckily I had just bought two toffee cookies from millers cookiies, and they helped me to calm down! :wink:
My bumps not that big, I can still see my toes! But my lower back is driving me mad, it clicks out of place, and when I manage to click it back, Bean jumps!!lol!must be a loud sound.

Another thing is my OH, he has the pregnancy symptoms I should have!!Indigestion, hunger, and a growing belly! :lol: I have to stick my bum out when we hug because our bellies get in the way- bless him :D


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