Any news on Bliss!!


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Feb 4, 2006
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I heard Willow has gone into labour,any news yet?

Good luck Willow xx
im dying to hear the news either marylou or willow come online soon

PS marylou willlow wanted some of B old vests do u know if she still wants em if so do u know her address so i can get them to her ASAP
heya sarah sorry i dno her address i will ask her if i see her lol. Bliss is here :D She was born at around 2am this mornin :shock: Star said she was about 7hrs old at 9 this mornin so i think thats right.
im gonna go c them both tomorrow so will let you know how they both are.
luv marylou xxx
that is great congrats hun!!! marylou send them both mine and Bs love and hope they are both home soon
ye i will sarah. here is a ticker for Bliss until willow gets one. lol. sorry but i had nothing else to do :D

luv marylou xxx
awww i cant wait to hear all about it!!! r they both ok tho as she was V early???

how is kylie now

Tell her i say congrats as well thats wonderful news.
hope there both dpong good.
willow is good and bliss is ok but in SCBU with feedin tube an all that :( willow is still recovering in maternity and she looks shatterd! (sorry willow)
Bliss is gorgeous so cute. absolutely tiny tho. dno how much she weighs.
luv marylou xxx ps kylie is gr8
awww bless i hope they are both ok??

and willow every1 looks nakered after labour lol
hope u both get bck soon
willow is coming home on wed all going well *fingers crossed* and bliss is doing good and weighs 4lb 8oz. still on the feeding tube. hopefully she will be home soon too.
luv marylou xxxxx
ps sarah- willow said dnt worry about the vests coz her mum has been on a shoppin spree lmao in asda n got 100z of newborn vesta n babygros n she sed thnx v much anyway

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