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    Hi this is my first time posting on a forum. Me and my partner had just got married. I'm curious and excited to know if i'm pregnant. My period started on 5/02/16 and ended on 09/02/16.

    we had sex on 10/02/16 morning and he ejaculate inside me. my fertile start on 11/02-21/02, ovulation might be on 16/02.

    we had another sex on 14/02 but he didn't ejaculate inside me this time but the next day morning, 15/02 i notice there's a slight bleeding on my panties.

    16/02 morning i start urine with a little bit of blood, discomfort, and having the urge to pee. i went to consult my GP and took a urine test. The doctor gave me antibiotic (ciprofloxacin 500 mg once or twice a day). the report is out and it's not bacterial infection.

    since 18/02 till now, i'm having Backaches, headache, nausea, keep wanting to urine more than usual, thirsty/dry mouth, lose of appetite yet craving for sweet foods(which i don't really take sweet foods), kinda emotional lately(unsure if it's due to stress), very restless/sleepy, a little of dizziness when i wake up in the morning or when i squat and stand up, conception, there is a weird jelly/butterfly feeling around my tummy, and lately I've been feeling very hot and sweat easily, i feel like i'm having sore throat but it's not, its like something is stuck in my throat.

    oh.. I took a home pregnancy test on 24/02, the result was "N" (which was too early) as my next period's coming between 5-7 march.

    i had watery white discharge on 27/02 when i wake up, as if i pee on my panties (and the next day it's gone).

    i'm having small amount of white discharge now. Today i'm having a very bad backache, thirsty & urge to pee.... i know it's very lengthy but can anyone enlighten if i'm pregnant? i decided to take the test again after i miss my period.

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