Any clomid ladies, please advise...

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    Hello ladies. Well what a couple of days its been. Yesterday I had my HSG. I had really got myself worked up about it. Really worried that my uterus would be in a mess. Good news though, all clear.

    Now, the only thing was that although I took clomid this cycle (day 2 -6), yesterday it did not show that i was about to ovulate. Yesterday was day 9 of my cycle. What showed up were a number of medium sized follicles.

    So the doc said that I should keep using the OPKs and hope that ovulation will occur in a week or so.

    Anyway, i get up this morning and I have the strongest OPK I have ever had?

    Does this mean I am about to ovulate with an immature egg? Is this even possible? Or does clomid give false positives? I have heard it does, but because I stopped taking clomid last Friday evening, I had assumed that by Tuesday mornign it would be safe to use an OPK and get accurate results?

    Your thoughts please....

    x x

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