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Discussion in 'Pregnancy Chat' started by Unknown123, Oct 15, 2020.

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    Oct 15, 2020
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    Okay so I slept with my partner at the time 26th of September 2019 and we broke up for a couple weeks and in that time I slept with my ex before him 11th October 2019. I found out I was pregnant a week later. Had a vaginal ultrasound and they said I was about 4-4 and a half weeks but I’ve recently found out they add 2 weeks onto this so technically I was only 2 weeks pregnant. I have irregular periods And I can’t remember when my last period was. It’s been really bugging me recently who the father is. Any help would be great! I know a DNA would be 100% but I’m just curious and will do a DNA test soon! No judgement please :) thank you!
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    If you found out you were pregnant a week after you had sex with your ex, then it's most probably your first partner. It takes about 9 to 14 days after ovulation for the HCG to show in your urine. Most pregnancy tests pick up the HCG at around day 14, the most sensitive ones earlier.x

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