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    Hi, just looking for a bit of advice regarding weaning/formula feeds.
    My daughter is currently having a 7oz bottle morning/night and 6oz bottles during the day ( has about 5 bottles through the day in total )
    Weaning started from 5m 2wks to which I started to give her porridge/weetabix for her b/fast then started with a tea meal when she turned 6m, now as she is getting to the 7m mark next week I've been giving her some lunch.

    This is how the daily routine would be:

    AM: 7oz bottle (About 1hr later I would make 2oz to add in b/fast) = 9oz
    Lunch: 6oz bottle (About 1hr later I would give her lunch (just meal no sweet) and some water)
    Afternoon: 6oz bottle
    Tea: 6oz bottle (About 1hr later I would give her tea (just meal no sweet) and some water)
    Bedtime: 7oz bottle

    I'm just wanting to know if I'm giving her too much milk. I know she still needs atleast 600mls for her daily intake, so do I drop her milk at meal times so she would have 8oz bottles AM, Afternoon and Bedtime? or carry on as normal but give her less milk before her meal times. Also this is why I havent been giving her sweet as didn't want to make her too full.

    Hope this post sort of makes sense as this all new to me :dohh:

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