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Discussion in 'Am I Pregnant?' started by rawwr, Aug 20, 2016.

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    So my last af was alot lighter than normal...that was 2 weeks ago and since then iv been having rare bits of nausea...alot of uncomfortable painless cramps...slight backache. Iv done numourous tests and all have been bfn

    I went to the docs on thursday and he said its probably because iv started taking up swimming lately.

    Now i have constipation and im still very bloated. Im out tonight for my sisters bday celebrations and im wondering if i should be ok to drink as my last test yesterday was bfn again (surely if i was it wouldve shown up by now)

    Plus atm im currently at work and have just had to load up 11 boxes of marble into a customers car which didnt help my backache obviously.

    Should i go back to the docs when i have my next day off (although my next week day off is in two weeks)? Should i be ok to have a couple of drinks tonight?
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    You should be okay to go out and have some drink tonight. But if your having off cycles and/or getting sick... And your still getting BFNs you may want to ask your doctor if there is a reason you could be feeling this way if you ARENT pregnant.
    Hopefully in a few weeks you'll get your BFP :)

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