Any advice for "evening/night" nausea?


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Jan 22, 2005
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This is typical of me: my morning sickness is actually in the evening and night. I am not actually being sick, I am just feeling sick and have a bloated belly. I am 5 weeks at the moment and I am hapy that it is happening because it probably means my HCG levels are increasing?? Is this correct?? BUT, all the same, it would be nice to try and find some relief from it.....ANY SUGGESTIONS, GIRLS????? Is it normal at this early stage????
Hula hoops!

I had nausea every two hours and it would come on in the evening as well and the thing that helped me was a packet of hula hoops.


Something salty and dry helped me
I had all day sickness - worst in the evening - and I don't miss it a bit :lol: As Sarah sayas eat regularly but not to much in one go. Fruit helped me - couldn't touch crisps or chips until the last 2 weeks.
Yes its good to eat regularly, though not crisps all the time. I made it sound like I ate crisps all day long. I didn't honest. Even though I wanted to :D

The trick is not to let yourself get too hungry. I couldn't have survived without my early morning banana and my evening packet of hula hoops.
Thanks Girls!

I will try small amounts of food at regular intervals....hope it works for me. I really want to eat healthily but can't resist junk food at the moment (not too much though). I am a real baby when it comes to feeling sick - I would much prefer to BE sick than feel sick........I can't moan though because it must be a good sign along with the tiredness that suddenly creeps up on me...!

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