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Discussion in 'Baby & Toddler' started by El1en, Mar 7, 2016.

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    Hi girls

    My Lo is 10 months and still a bad sleeper. At 7 months we did CC and it worked really well really quickly but after Christmas she got a really bad cold and we were set back to now where she will sleep in her cot 730-1030ish but then she's up constantly and won't go back to sleep until she comes into my bed at 2/3. I try sitting with her but as soon as I leave the room she wakes whether it's 5 mins or 20 mins of sitting there.

    My oh and I are keen to nip this in the bud, CC is no longer an option as she just pulls herself up in her cot and it becomes dangerous.

    My oh has said why don't we move her cot into our room but I'm really reluctant. I worry we'll never get her out of our room. My friend has a 3yo who still sleep in her bed most nights and I really don't want that.

    Basically my question is if you've shared a room with your child longer than the 6 months and what stage and how have you got them out?
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    With my two, we moved them into their own room when they were 7/8 months old. Can she actually get out of her cot by herself? If so, I think the best option is to have her cot in her room, but insist that she stays in there and doesn't come into bed with you. She'll be able to see you, so you'll be able to reassure her and keep an eye on her so you know she's safe. Then once she's routinely settling and sleeping through in her cot in your room, you could then transfer her back to her own room.

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