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    Nov 29, 2006
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    I have been feeling a little odd for a few weeks now, I have been very dizzy and my heart has been racing. I thought it might have been to do with low blood sugar. I have not been in my normal routine over the holidays and I haven't been able to graze to keep my sugar levels constant.

    However, I have now got back to eating small and regularly, but I am feeling worse than ever. Just folding up the washing has me gasping for breath and needing a lie down! It wasn't until I read Debecca's post yesterday about her dizziness that I realised that I am probably anaemic again. It all seems to make sense now, I have felt like this before! (Thanks Debecca!)

    Now I don't know what to do...I have some ferrous sulphate that doc gave me last time. Should I self medicate and see if it works? Or should I go and get checked first? Who would I see, my MW or my GP?

    Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks ladies :hug:
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    i personaly would see your gp about it as they can normaly deal with it quite easily and midwifes are quite busy aint they :)
    i wouldnt self medicate just incase its not that and you make it worse :(
    hope you get it sorted soon though
    manda xx
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    Sorry, only just seen this!

    I would probably go and see the midwife rather than your GP. I saw my GP about it and she took my blood pressure and said low BP was probably caused by anaemia - but the midwife would take bloods at my next appointment to make sure? Might be better to see midwife first and cut out the middle-person?

    I am feeling worse if anything too and I keep trying to eat red meat even though it clearly mings :puke:

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