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Jul 27, 2005
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hi ya hun i aint seen any posts from u in a while was just wondering how u were going

Ya me too, maybe she went in to labour oh that would be exciting, so many babies coming!!!!
Well i guess we will know soon.
hey hun. thanks for asking about me but im still here :( im going in tomorrow for my last appointment, hopefully wont have to go in again until i go into labour. im hoping to get told things are slowly moving in there, im dreading to hear that nothings changed since last time. hows you and braydon? how are you saulino?
we are both ok
you will have to post babys heart beat so i can guess wot ur having n see if i am rite - ill do it without tellin u tho lol
i thought summit had happened when u hadnt been on line
good luck for u tomoz

You will have to let us know how it goes with your appointment.
You must be getting really excited now, but impatient too.
My babies heart beats been 141-high 150's.
I have been told baby will be around 7-8 pounds which is fine by me lol.
But we will see i guess. I have a month to go and am getting really excited cant wait to see what she looks like. :D
Im ready buit in a way i am so nervous to become a mom fo5r the first time.
But so far ive had no problems so it looks like babys been healthy!!!!!
Well hope to hear from you soon.
Bye Katrina
u will be a great mum i am sure of it - braydons was bout 143 when i was before 38 weeks preggers then it went down to about 137 i think lol
hey amy how did ur appointment go? - i hope it was ok as i have noticed u aint been on in a while ok maybe u could be in labour ohh how exciting
love sarah n braydon
Thanks for letting everyone know sarah, i have posted a pic on announce your arrival. x

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