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Feb 17, 2005
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Ok, well i havent had the major symptoms yet, but my tummy is really sticking out at the moment, its rounding like im pregnant considering normally my tummy is normally flat, but it is outrageouly poking out! I have been pregnant b4 and this happend last time, but b4 i had sore breasts and i couldnt eat, but i wasnt tired at all, this time round, my breast are ok and i can eat certain things but i am incrediably tired all the time......

I have done 2 test that have come back negative but i havent w8 to see if i miss my period!

Can any1 help me with some advice, im really confused at the moment....!!



I know how you feel - I am on day 32 of my cycle - periods have started to go AWOL since I've been TTC. I had weird symptoms this month but have done two tests on my due date and again today and both are negative. My tummy is also swollen and I've had weird cramps for about 2 weeks now. You could still be pregnant - I take hope from reading about others who did several negative tests but were still pregnant - maybe give it a few days and do another test? Good luck
WOW there is othe rpeople out there with "retarted AF's (period's), we started trying to concieve in mid january, and my last AF was january 29th, normal and predictable, and so was the prior ones about 6 months back, now here comes febuary 28th, march 1st, march2nd, march 3rd, march4th ETC.., and today march 7th my period still not here, im so confused and wondering what in the world is going on, i took 2 home tests, both negative, i took to tests at the doctor, and 1 blood test, all negative, my temps were all perfect, i ovulated perfect, ovulaiton test showed, and me and hubby, did BD when we was suppose to, What do you think?. i havent tested in 4 days from today?? what should i do ??
Im really lost. thanks
Hi there, I can completely sympathise with what you are going through. My AF was 2 and a half weeks late, I had every PMT symptom on and off for the past month, very sore boobs, etc etc and now it has arrived I'm on day 7 but it's extremely light. I feel exhausted with it all. I did three pregnancy tests as I was convinced that I was PG - I felt different and my boobs were so sore. Anyway - I think it's just your hormones sorting themselves out. I think when you first come off contraception it remains in your system for a while so the first few months are relatively normal. Once it gets out of your system then it takes a few months for your hormone levels to settle down again - also when you think about TTC 24/7 I'm sure it does funny things to your brain!. I would suggest just trying to forget about it, relax and wait and see. I am soo fed up with thinking/imagining/planning my next pregnancy that I've decided to give up and just go with the flow. I'm sure two relaxed people are more likely to produce a wee bairn than 2 frantic, stressed people! Good luck!
Just thought I'd chip in with my story.....
Had the implanon implant removed October 2004 - no AF until 24/12/04 which was normal, then nothing at all until 23/02/05, which was extremely light & only lasted a day or two !! (my Gp advised that fertility should return to mormal within 3 days of having the implant removed as it's not like the pill & doesn't stay in your system).
From December to last AF I had every pregnancy symptom under the sun! My stomach grew, my boobs went up 2 sizes & even started to leak fluid (tmi - sorry), I had constant nausea although not sickness and headaches like you would not believe. I genuienely felt like I was pg & thought all those little sticks I've pee'd on were faulty!

I decided to be positive have started charting my temps, cm & cp,
I'm now on CD 15 and all of the symptoms have gradually gone - DH was sad to see the boobs go! The charting makes me feel a little more in control of things & I don't obsess anywhere near as much as I used to.

Yvonne x

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