Am I? NEgative Tests, Seeking Opinion

Discussion in 'Am I Pregnant?' started by appleale, Feb 22, 2016.

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    Hey guys,

    so i will keep i brief. had UPS briefly on 1/1. Starting 1/3 I had my full and expected normal period. Then for a week leading up to my next period, i was spotting. Brown blood dripping typically in the morning and at night when i peed. Sometimes brown discharge appeared in underwear. Then 2/2 i began bleeding. One day earlier than my expected period, which wasn't too abnormal to me because i always come the day before, after, or right on the expected day every time. However that period was only heavy for 2 days, the last three were light (still red, not pink) but WAY too light than what I am used to. Since then, I have had no spotting or discharge, besides during my expected window of ovulation that I also track. My next period would be due in 4 days. However now after looking up possible pregnancy symptoms, I am wondering if my February menstrual, was really a period or not.

    I have experienced no pain, no frequent urination, or change in areola color/size. No cravings or fatigue. No nauseua. No pain in vaginal organs.

    I have experienced a few dizzy-ing headaches, maybe 3 that i can recall. Vivid/memorable dreams. phlegm in my throat. Gas. Weird(wouldn't say metallic, more of a dry air like) taste in back of throat after eating and drinking. More than usual burping every time i eat or drink. Like acid reflux of some sort. And my breasts were tingling over the past few days, but not sore. More the feeling described when they are growing.

    Also important to note. I have smoked hookah often in the past month. I have made eating/dietary changes. I have lost a few pounds, don't eat too much. and went through a stressful relationship for the past month that just ended.

    I took a HPT today, it was negative, almost immediately and very clear in result. I visited the OBGYN about two weeks ago for a cervical test and pap, all normal. Explained to the doctor my concerns and she did not think that I could be pregnant, however I did not ask her to test.

    I am really spazzing out because I would not want to be, and my cycles are typically textbook normal, but now it seems different. I will wait again to see if my period arrives this weekend. But I just wanted some guidance/opinions to see what you all may think or if you think it could even be something else.

    I appreciate responses in advanced!

    UPS 1/1
    PS 1/2
    Period 1/4 - 1/8 normal
    Ovulation 1/11 - 1/17 light normal spotting expected during ovulation.
    Brown Spotting (estimated 1/21 - 1/28)
    Period 1/30 - 2/4 (1/30 - 1/31 normal flow; 2/1 - 2/4 extremely light. looked like a light flow then spotting then a light flow again, then nothing.)
    Since then, no random bodily changes as far as discharge or spotting aside from ovulation time

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