Am I eating okay?

Vanny J

May 12, 2005
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Hi everyone,

I'm just over seven weeks now :shock: and still in shock, just want to check I'm not over eating. I'm trying to stick to healthy things and avoid sweets etc.

My typical daily food is:

Weetabix with skimmed milk - breakfast
Couple of pieces of fruit mid morning
Two slices of wholemeal bread, with either cheese, tuna, or ham with tom or cucumber - lunch
Low fat yoghurt after lunch
Couple more pieces of fruit in the afternoon
Cooked meal for tea - which varies from meat and veg / pasta and chops / rice and chilli (generally most foods).

Does this sound okay or is it too much for my first three months ? I'm not yet two months and already have a very slight bump - is this normal as people keep saying they didn't show until they were around four months ??

Look forward to hearing from you.

Love V :D

I would say as long as your eating there is mothing to worry about, that too me sounds like and average healthy day, I wish I could eat that, I would be really happy, I don't really eat alot you see, I have lost my appetite totaly since I found out i was preg at 4 1/2 wks. But been to the docs I am taking pregnancare tablets and vitamins formyself and everything is alright.
I would say don't worry at least your baby is getting all the vitamins and minerals it needs!
Love Danielle xx :p
The amount you're eating sounds fine to me.

I think so long as you're eating when you're hungry you'll do just fine. Your body will tell you how much you need to eat so go for it!
I wish I could be eating that well!!! Are you sure there isn't the odd chocolate bar or bag of crisps in there too?!? :wink:

Keep up the good work, and don't forget to enjoy any cravings you get for choc chip ice cream (that was mine with my second)'s the only time you will get away with it!!!

Much love
I wish I could eat that well. For some bizarre reason the only thing that stays down with me is plain cheese and tomato pizza. Rather strange... I know.

Love Danielle and Bubble xx
lol gosh i stuggle to eat most days! some times I get my appertite back but like today i cant even look at it! I have a pregnacare tablet everyday and try to drink milk in the morning and evening. Its really annoying i cant go out for meals anymore, enjoy a full meal, like today i left everything appart from cucumber and some mashed potato!
I cant seem to eat anything sweet anymore it all has to be plain! old wives tale from that saying im having a boy lol!
Hi Catherine23!

You said that you can't eat anyhting sweet no more, you sound just like me ha ha. Thats y for some reason I think I am having a boy... Quite strange eh!

Love Danielle and Bubble xx
Hi all,

Many thanks for all you replies - sounds like I'm eating okay :D

I do feel sick from getting up in the morning to going to bed at night - but I find if I nibble then I can keep the sick feeling under control.

Tee hee - yeah funny that, I normally have the sweetest tooth in the world but I'm just not bothered at the moment - will admit to craving Pizza - big cheesey, garlic, mushroom with stacks of onions .... and garlic .... and more garlic (wonder if it's a boy ????). As it's the weekend I think it's time for treats ! Yeah bring it on.

Take care all - chat when I'm back on Monday.

x x
Hi vANNY j

I crave pizza too isnt that strange... i think that i am having a boy for some reason xx
Hi Danni,

Tee hee - honestly I can't stop thinking about it, I can't wait to get home tonight and get one ordered (better make that two if my partner wants some !).

It's funny, but before I knew I was pregnant I suddenly started eating tinned tomatoes on toast with melted cheese - sort of a quick pizza.

You got any other cravings ?

x x x
Maybe its the tomatoes, I craved tomoatoes with my second child, apparently there is something in them that you need during pregnancy!!
Just pizza and chessy garlic bread with mushrooms uuhhm.... i hhave not been eating that well rececntly but when i do its all plain boring things... like salty stuff and ready salted crisps, not very apertisiing i know but what the hell!

It's Friday the 13th today! I am soo supersticious... But without a doubt that stupid movie will probs be on T.V have you heard of the movie Friday the 13th. It's boring but for some reason something you just have to watch LOL.

I think it's to soon to have an idea of some names... But I just can't help myself... So here goes tell me what you think!
For a Girl... Anna-Rose
For a Boy... Joshua-Lewis OR Joshua-James...

I just love these names so much...

Love Danielle and Bubble xx
P.S Is this your 1st pregnancy? This Is my 2nd but 1st child. I miscarried at 7 1/2 weeks last time... But hey Life goes on....
I've heard that tomatoes have something in them - must be my natural system kicking in craving them !

I have this thing for lots of garic too (on pizza of course lol - has to be pizza).

I'd forgotten it was Friday the 13th, I know what you mean - if that film is on you just have to watch it.

It's unusual too that I'm eating fruit - as normally I'm not bothered, but really enjoying it at the moment.

That's spooky - this is my 2nd pregnancy too, but (fingers crossed) this will be my first baby - I miscarried at just over 9 weeks last time. I've been a bit worried this time as every pain I get I think it's going to happen again ..... but trying to stay positive.

I like your names, both lovely.

We've got a few for girls:

Rose Almina (Almina was my great grannys name)
Francesca (can't think of a middle name to go with this yet - any ideas ?)

I did like Charlotte, but starting to go off this a little now.

As for boys, tee hee hee, we can only think of one :

George Edward

Geaorge was my grandad and is also my partners dad's name, I did fancy George Ian, but when you say it quick it sounds like georgian !

Do you have bad indigestion ? Is it a normal thing ?

Love V
x x x
Hi V!

I am thinkin of a middle name to go with Charlotte and How about Charlotte-Olivia thats the only name i can think of...

I think i will be a lot more at ease when i get past my 1st trimester for some reason that is taking forever... wanna see what your baby looks like inside you the go to this site
and put in the date of you LMP. It's so amazing to see...,

Reply... Love Danielle and Bubble xx
Wow that's amazing - had no idea things would be so advanced - it's got arms that bend, and it's nose and ears are now developing !

Charlotte Olivia, that's nice - I will try it out on my partner tonight.

Have a good weekend Danielle & Bubble. (I leave early on Friday - yipeeee).

Love V

x x x
iTS QUITE STRANGE AINT IT.... all of a suddent hings seem so real.. ha ha.

You have a good weekend too and if you ever want to chat just email me on [email protected]

Love Danielle and Bubble xx
I haven't been able to help it, but my diet isn't great at the moment. That's because I feel so sick I've just been trying to eat what I fancy. For instance I normally have cereal for brekkie, a chicken mayo baguette for lunch (nice and bland) and tea is the worst as thats when I feel the sickest. Plain hula hoops as snacks. It's really bad, as soon as the sickness finishes I will be eating more healthily but I just can't face it at the moment :oops:
Ive also gone off Tea completly, i used to drink like 6 cups a day and i havent had a cup for 3 months!!! its so strange my fiedn says her friend is having a boy and also went off tea! Have you both had this??
I like tomatoes now but for somereason I cant eat the tiny ones they seem too strong and sweet for me now lol. I used to never eat fruit really either but yesterday for dinner i ended up having an apple bannana sandwich an a pin of fresh orange juice was lush! its was only a small meal but really thats all i can eat. And water omg Ive never drunk soo much mineral water in my life! my skin is the best its been since io was about 10!!! I never realizes water would take away my spots! wish i dont this a while ago. When i was first pregnant I had cravings for ready salted crisps! so strange id never buy them before. Apprently another wives tale you will crave more salt!
Oh and names weve chose are
Aiden Cameron Saunders
and Tamzin ________Saunders need a middle name
we were going with cassie or stephany but me and partner disagree on them, hehe!

I am lucky I dont have any morning sickness (yet) but I dont seem to be able to get enough bacon. When I look back this probably started around the time of conception. So there may be something in that salt theory.
Hi all,

How are you all today ?

Well I had my pizza on Friday, which was yum. I seem to have gone down hill Sat and Sunday, gone completely off most things and feel sicker than ever - I've eaten good for the last five weeks, now I can't even look at the pile of fruit on my desk :oops:

I too have gone off tea, I didn't drink much of it before but just can't face even a small cup at the moment - everyone keeps saying I'm having a boy ......... we'll all probably be in for a complete shock when I pop out a iccle girl !!!

I've got to see midwife today ........

Take care all.

Love V and the growing bump.

x x

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