Allergies triggered by pregnancy?

Discussion in 'Third Trimester' started by Emilyandbump, Jan 18, 2012.

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    Has anyone ever experienced this? Since i was about 12 weeks pregnant, i broke out in hives and eczema. I only had eczema as a baby so thought the pregnancy just triggered it off (even tho it didnt with my other 3!)

    Anyway, it got worse and my eyes started to puff up, itchy throat etc. Been back and forth to the docs who just gave me piriton and creams. To be honest theyve been rubbish with me. ive had 2 docs telling me to try avoid piriton, another telling me its fine! So i've been taking one every night which helps. Been given an epi pen just incase!

    Well its all alot calmer now cos i think i found the culprit- Dairy! So i dont drink cows milk, or eat cheese. I cant even eat chocolate :( I cant have allergy tests till ive had baby.

    Has anyone had allergies triggered by pregnancy and did it go away after baby was born? I dont like the thought of never being able to eat chocolate or cheese again! xx
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    Awww I'm really sorry hon. I don't have any serious allergies so don't know if I can be much help but my eczema (which I last had as a kid) flared up during this pregnancy - and weirdly it's flared up in a child's form of eczema (the doc was very confused). But it's not been that bad and we've managed to keep it in check. I've been told it should go after birth. I really hope you get some relief and can eat chocolate again after your LO comes along. :hugs:

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