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Discussion in 'Baby & Toddler' started by Tineke, Jan 25, 2006.

  1. Tineke

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    Jul 6, 2005
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    I am sorry it has been such a long time since I have written on here... Time goes by soooo fast and Seth is almost 1 month old now....

    Just wondering if you know of have family/ friends who have travelled with a baby.

    My situation is as follows - My partner is heading back to the Caribbean (in 2 weeks) and Seth is only 1 month old right now, therefore I will have to wait in Australia until Seth is old enough to travel.

    I have tried researching the safe age to fly as one of the flights is 13 hours long, apart form that flight I have 5 other flights in total from where I am now until we get to our destination point. I will be doing this alone and was wondering if 4 months old was alright. I can wait uniil 6 months but that would be a very long time away from eachother - what is safer for Seth though is best. I have read the babies immune systems are not fully developed until they are 3 months old. I called the airline and they said it did not matter as long as they were over a week old - I couldnt do that to Seth!!

    What do you think? Any advice or information would be great!!

    PS I LOVE BEING A MUM!!! and I hope you are all well...

    Luv, Tineke
  2. Urchin

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    Apr 7, 2005
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    I have travelled several times with Mason. the first time he was around 5 months old on a 4 hours flight, but when he was about 1 we took him to South africa which was 24 hours travelling time.
    - First...GET A SKY COT! we never got one, but they are great!
    - Make sure you have a dummy or a bottle for take-off and landing (to help their ears pop. We didn't give Mason a drink for a while before take-off, but then we timed it wrong and he drank it all before our ears started popping so plan ahead and have plenty to drink!

    As far as immunity... I would wait till they are over 3 months... they are tough enough to have calpol etc then, and lets face it, they can pick up bugs in a supermarket anyway!

    I'm in a bit of a hurry so that's all I can say for now, but feel free to pm me if you need any more advice.
  3. AmberNicole

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    Mar 29, 2005
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    We came to Edinburgh from Florida when Ava was 2 months old. I was worried at first, but she did so well. We're going back to Florida next month and I don't think it will be as easy now that she's grown a bit and needs to be entertained every minute she's awake. urchin has really good advice about feeding during takeoff and landing though!

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