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Discussion in 'Waiting to Try' started by baby2k17, Jan 1, 2017.

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    Jan 1, 2017
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    Hello everyone I am new to the forum! So basically I am trying to TTC in 2017 after loosing my 1st born in June of this year due to being to premature I was 24+5 weeks when I had him :( . I have been so depressed and devastated my life just hasn't been the same. So now I want to try and TTC next year specifically in April. Now my issue is my partner and I live in different countries we have planned to see each other in April. Specifically April 27-May 12 will be our vacation but my period will arrive April 11 and my periods are very regular even after having my son I get my period every 28 days. Which means I wont be ovulating around the time we see each other according to my calculator my ovulation window will be April 21-25.

    So this is what I am planning on doing in hopes possibly falling pregnant during that time. SO I was just prescribed BC pills the 21 active and 7 inactive pills.I am only going to be using the pills Until March. I am trying to delay my period by 7 days in hopes of moving my ovulation dates as well. To be more specific this is my plan :

    My last period was December 20
    Started BC Pills December 30
    My next period if I wasn't on the pill would be January 20 but I am planning on taking 5 extra active pills until January 24. This would then make me have withdrawal bleeding January 25-31. I would then start my next active pill again February 1st and will not take any extra pills there after. So Basically February 1-21 active pills, 7 days placebo pills February 22-28. Then March 1-21 Active pills and stop completely. So my last Active BC pill will be March 21st according to what I have read online my natural period should return 4-6 weeks after my last Active pills. I have asked 3 different OBYN's including the one that prescribed me the pills about what I am trying to do and they have all told me my period cycle will return 28 days after last BC pill. So... if all goes well this would mean my normal period will return April 18ish which would would then push my fertility/Ovulation window April 28-May 2 which is when I will be with my partner!

    Has anyone else been or has the same situation with a partner in different country or partner that works away and has done this method ???????/// Just need some input ??????/
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    Mar 28, 2014
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    Sorry don't have any advice but didn't want to read and run. Hope it all works out for you though! It seems a lot of thought has gone into it. Good luck! Sorry to hear about your son, I can't imagine how that must feel. I hope you get your wish this year. :) xxx

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    Sorry to hear about your loss; I also don't have any advice but hope your plan works out for you

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