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    does anyone else when they are out by themselves have blokes thinking 'your pregnant an easy target to get into bed' i dont know about others but this makes me feel really depressed and i deffiantly aint that type of girl - my ex waas my first and only and although we were in a 4 year long relationship we only started having sex about a year and a half ago so being seen as a 'slag' is not very nice.
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    Jul 19, 2005
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    Yeah hun, you'd think lads would be more satisfied with girls wearing skirts that half cover there ass and tops that their boobs fall out of. but obviously 2005 has had an outburst of madness.. they think that were targets but you think they'd run away from us because we have 'baggage' lol i dont know maybee they think its a challange.
    Just don't worry about it, as long as you yourself and others who 'matter' know your not a slag then dont feel self concious.
    It annoyed me to though i am still with my partner and like you have a 4 yr relation ship (well 4 years in 3 days ) lol and there was this lad who claimed he'd do n e thin for me he was absolutly gorgeous he knew i was preg and me and my b/f had a tuff period goin on so this lad txt me and stuff yanno makin out he was the best thing for me! so i met up with him and he tried it on! i pushed him away beacuse i was in shock more than anythin and that made me feel like a slag, like he came to meet me for one thing and one thing only. well i showed him (dusnt look like he'll be doin any reproducin) lol!

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