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Discussion in 'Am I Pregnant?' started by kimmy66662, Jul 2, 2013.

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    Basically ive been trying to concieve with my partner and a couple of days ago i started bleeding, exactly a week before i was due on my period. This has never happened to me before, so im very confused. Today is the 4th day of bleeding and it has basically stopped. The last couple of days the bleeding started off a brown colour, then turned red and now is pink. Its was hardly there the 1st day. The 2nd day there was slightly more, and since then there has been hardly anything. Also it hasnt been clotty like my normal period would be. Im slightly concerned because it is nothing like my normal periods. There hasnt even been enough to fill a towel. Im due on this saturday and everywhere online says that its too early to test. Its so frustrating becasue i dont know what to think. I did do a test this morning but it was negative. Am going to wait until saturday when my "real" period was expected. I just would like to know if anyone has had a similar thing happen to them and if so what the outcome was?? Any advice would be great please :)

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