Advice please - Losing the plot!!!!

Discussion in 'Third Trimester' started by Angela1982, Jun 2, 2013.

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    Hi ladies...

    Just wanted to share my situ with some of you and get some advice on it or hear of other similar experiences.

    I'm 39+2 with pregnancy number 3 (1st pregnancy was a miscarriage at 7 weeks and 2nd went full term - my little girl is 3)...

    Ive been having Braxton Hicks in the bottom of my back for the last few weeks but Thursday week ago (10 days) i started to get regular contractions going from 7 - 5 minutes apart and this lasted for about 5 hours... it stopped and then a few hours later i had 6 different contractions all timing 3 minutes apart so i thought that was me away and got out of bed to get my hospital bag etc then it stopped... i put it down t false labour then at Friday lunchtime i passed my mucus plug - sorry if TMI but it just looked like id sneezed into a tissue - gross!!! Over a few days i passed much the same thing then on Thursday past (3 days ago) i passed my bloody show... mucusy again but was browny red colour, this has happened a few times over the last few days. Does this indicate that things have progressed more at all?

    Also my community midwife came to my house today to do a sweep and i had myself all psyched up coz its not the most pleasant thing in the world then when she was finished she said she couldnt do it because the neck of my womb was too far up but that the baby's head was 'past the point of engagement its that far down'... i'm confused because to be honest after i saw the bloody show i was sort of expecting to go into labour any day now but dont know if now that that neck of the womb isnt far down enough that i'm still weeks away... when i was last at the hospital a few weeks ago they were able to tell me then i was 1cm dilated (apparently this is normal after a previous pregnancy) and that my cervix was v soft so i dont know if today the midwife just didnt go in far enough to check what the craic was with dilation / sweep etc...

    Any opinions or advice is much appreciated :) thanks ladies xxxxxx

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