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    Hi ladies,

    I'm usually just a lurker as most of the time anything I have to ask someone has usually done it!

    But this time I'm really confused and Dr Goggle is no help.

    We have been trying for number 2 for 2.5 years now and on Friday at 10:30pm I got a BFP on a internet cheapie. Did a FRER in the morning and got a faint but good line, not one I had to squint to see, and then tested again Sunday morning and the line was darker. Did another one this morning and it had got lighter. Now this has sent me in to a right panic that it is a chemical. I did a digi just now and it said 1-2 weeks but when I broke it apart it wasn't a particularly dark line.

    AF is not due until today/tomorrow and I don't feel like I am coming on as not had the usual backache. Had some cramping but not AF type IFYWIM. The cramping has settled down today as was bad yesterday.

    Have had nausea over the last few days and sore boobs but even both if those have settled down.

    Has anyone had a positive experience of a line getting lighter?

    I'm going to stop testing as I'm driving myself insane. I keep telling myself even if I hadn't have tested early, I would have done it today & been happy with the positive I got.

    I've had a miscarriage before my DD who is now 4, so just extra worried.


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