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    I gave up smoking before I found out I was expecting. Isaac is now over 2 weeks old and the problem I have now is that most of our family and friends smoke. Obviously they cannot smoke in the same room (or building) as my baby but I had heard about the dangerous chemicals being on a smokers breath long after they put a fag out. I rang the NHS stop smoking helpline and they said the time frame for these chemicals is 1 HOUR. That means that a smoker should not breathe on your baby or hold your baby for at least an hour after putting out their cigarette.

    We have now banned visitors smoking in our garden and have asked everyone who smokes to please not smoke for an hour before visiting. It has caused some strange reactions from people but they are our rules, he is our baby and passive smoking in babies cause's cot death so thats that!

    Just wanted to let you all know as I feel very passionately about smoking now I am a non-smoker.

    Also the people at the helpline are really friendly and they were really easy to chat with. I got the number from 118118.


    Lou :)

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