advice about OTHER body piercings please?


Mar 13, 2005
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Hi, does anyone have any advice about nipple peircings during pregnancy? I have both my nipples pierced and really do not want to have them done again and i love them, as does my partner. I was wondering if there was any advice about this please?
I will also be getting a navel retainer soon, been looking for them locally and couldn't find any, thanks
I do not have nipple peircing right now but I had them as a teenager. I am 22 now and took them out when I was 19 due to leaving for Navy boot camp. I imagine they would be pretty painful during pregnancy and when you start producing the colostrum it could cause some discomfort when cleaning your nipples. Maybe go to plastic if you choose to keep them.
I don't have any body piercings and to be honest, I personally don't care for it.....but that's up to you that's your body and that's for you to decide what you want to do or not do with it.....but I would think that it would be best to take them out especially since you are pregnant (you did say you was pregnant...didn't you)?
Hi Cernskaz

Will they heal up if you remove the piercings?

I just bought a navel piercing retainer - around £7 from ebay. It's a plastic tube-thing around 4-5 cm long with silver balls on each end - much longer than I was expecting!!

Hi littlebump ...

There's always the chance that piercings will heal up, or certainly become more difficult to insert jewellery into, when they have been left without jewellery for a while.

The retainers available at Ouch! Body Jewellery are available in sizes as small as 8mm, and they also have plastic balls as opposed to the silver balls that you mentioned. The main reason for wearing a retainer is that your midwife will probably recommend the removal of metal jewellery from your piercing, which is why the Ouch! retainers are suitable because they contain no metal whatsoever.

Hope this helps, don't hesitate to ask if you have any further questions.

Best wishes,
Laura B
i bought a navel retainer from ouch! (after seeing link on here) it is a fantastic site. can buy them in different sizes and postage is free and mine was here within 2days. they also do lots of nipple rings also.
i had both my nipples done for about a year ive recently taken mine out as they started to really hurt
HI i had my nipples pierced but had to take them out quite early on in my pregnancy, it hurt to keep them in. Im not sure if i will have them done again , thought of the pain again :oops:
I have also taken out my belly too and clit lol
i didnt take my belly bar out til i wnt in2 was fine nufin eva hapened 2 it
I jus posted on another thread bout my nipple piercin, i took it out cos as my boobs expanded it became tighter and couldnt be bothered to change it for a bigger one. And i plan on breast feeding so it had to come out evntually. I may have it done agin wen breastfeeding is all done with, cos its def closin up already.

bec x x
i had both innner labias done and had to take them out, got very sensitive down there will all the extra blood and became quite sore, im hoping they dont heal up coz i wud miss them and dont want that pain again lol i dont think they wud heal coz had them sttretched up a few sizes....fingers crossed

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