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Discussion in 'Third Trimester' started by -, Aug 30, 2005.

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    just recently my hips are killing me :cry: i look soo silly trying to walk lol im in agony.... they like seize up when ive been sitting too long. any one else having these pains... midwife says its normal and just take pain killers but i feel like crying it hurts soo much.

    and for any one interested OH's office is nearly finished... just inside walls and all the pretty things left to do.... heres a picture:


    ive also started to try all the silly things to start labour... decided i want baby by the end of the week lol i wish.

    and kayl have u had baby yet let us all know.... were desperately waiting lol

    take care ladies and bumps

    love elaine
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    Apr 18, 2005
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    yep, my hips are the same but i was expecting it because ive got a condition called hypermobility. its a magnesium deficiancy which makes ur ligaments ect extra strechy so they dont support your joints as they are supposed to. when i was younger (and still growing) i was taking 1200mg of ibruprofen every day to stop the pain in my hips but as i got to 19-20 it evened its self out. ive dun well to get this far and its only just hurting!
    i find hot baths (even though it takes me ages to get out without passing out) works pretty well. and just lots of leg rest.
    but then again im used to it!
    hope you find something to help hun xx
    p.s hubbies office is lokin good!

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