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Discussion in 'Third Trimester' started by JuicyJess, Oct 4, 2005.

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    i was reading on babycentre that some women have tightenings without pain and progress labor quickly thinking that they are just having BHs! :shock: iv been having these for days and still getting them now also the other day i had to rush to the toilet suddenly to 'clear my bowels' sorry TMI! :oops: but i got told this is another sign of imminent labour? my mum said we need to keep an eye on this because this happened to her just before her labour. iv also been getting nausia on and off lately and have been getting fluhes. it does sound like i have a bug or something but im sure i havnt - i feel fine! the only time i dont feel fine is when i get sharp pains in my hips or pains over my bump (i dont get them over my bump too often) the other night i was in tears all night and just put it down to emotion and hormones am i just being silly? or are thing maybe starting to happen? oh and yesterday and on monday i wiped myself after going to the toilet and there was blood on the tisue. :shock: it not from the front and doesnt hurt has anyone else had this? is it normal? PLZ REPLY ASAP xxxx

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