A week til test but no signs and symptoms


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Apr 16, 2005
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Hi all.

I am due AF in 7 days but have convinced myself I'm not pregnant because I dont have any symptoms. All thats happened over last few days is that my stomach has become big and hard which is kinda what happens when my AF is going to appear. My nipples have been itchy though which is unusual but I dont think that is a pregnancy sign.
I'm miserable at the thought of AF arriving.
Has anyone else been pregnant but not had symptoms?

Love Jools xxxx
Hi Jools,

I'm due AF in seven days too, and don't have any signs of pregnancy, although to be honest I haven't started looking for them yet. At this stage the amount of HCG hormone released if conception has occurred is still too low to cause any noticable signs in most women. Even the early pregnancy test kits would be unlikely to pick it up until three days prior to AF being due. Also, some women don't experience any symptoms at all until much later into the first trimester, so don't give up hope yet!

Keep in touch and good luck! Hopefully this will be our month...
Thanks Tamaryn, you have really lifted my spirits.

Hopefully we'll both have good news in a week.

Keep me posted.

Love Jools xxx

I know someone who's only pregnancy symptom was itchy nipples so there's hope!!

Good luck

Kim xx
Thanks for the hope Kim! :D

Good luck in 5 days, fingers crossed for you, let us know.

Love Jools xxx

I realised by going through the last 3 months of my calendar that my cycle is 26 days long not 27 so AF is due a day earlier than I thought!

One less day to wait I suppose xx
All the very best luck to you. I had every sign under the sun and my period arrived so you shouldn't worry!
Hi S,

Thank you very much. Keeping my fingers crossed for everyone.

The waiting game is difficult eh?!

Good luck

Jools x
Hi Jools!

I did not have no signs till I tested and then it just seems like immediatley after that the signs came from nowhere:
1- moodswings
2- sickness
3- sore breasts
4- weight gain
5- headaches

So think your self lucky.... but you might be like me, whos knows!
Keep me posted. Love Dani x

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