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    I have been reading some of your posts, especially in the teenage Pregnancy forum. I just want to say to you all, if in doubt about carrying on this pregnancy that you really have to think long & hard about what YOU want!
    I have been in a position about 4 years ago when i was going with a guy, for about 3 yrs, on & off!!!! He was with me when HE WANTED TO BE!
    I was young, stupid & he'd basically brainwashed me! I didn't know any of this, coz as i said everything he said to me i took it to heart and just trodded along!!! Then the tables turned, i fell pregnant! The 1st thing that happened, he denied it was his & i was sleeping around!!! The 2nd thing was he told everyone of his mates & left me looking like the idiot! Ooh & lets not forget he didn't want me ever to have his kids coz I wasn't what he wanted in a woman!!!!!
    Now ladies, let me tell you this!!!
    No-one deserves to get treated like crap from any bloke!!! The thing he forgot was that i was the 1 who'd never cheat on him, i took him back numberous times coz i was young & stupid! He'd brainwashed me into " You'd never get better than me"!!!!
    I was scared stiff about telling my mum & dad, but till this day i'm soo glad i did tell them because no matter how many friends you have, there's no better support from you're own mum & dad!
    I had to think long & hard what i was going to do, i was just about to sit my exams @ school & leave to get a good job, and i had sooo much infront of me. So i decided to get a termination.
    Yes, i do regret it, because i think about what i done all the time, every day, but i know that i would never have been strong enough to cope on my own & still be apart of his life. I think i done the right thing in a big way, but i do still think about wot if i did go through with it!!!
    Now a good few happy brilliant years down the line, i met someone! He's perfect, loving, caring, loves me for me & wouldn't do a thing to hurt me, unlike the X!!!! We have been together for 2 years past December & are engaged, just away to move into our new house & are expecting our 1st child together!!! It's like AMAZING! My whole family are sooo excited & so are his! This is wot i call FATE!!!! There is someone out there for everyone, and to be honest with you, if you're man don't want you because you are carrying his child, then he's the 1 that's in the wrong, he won't get any better than you.
    Think im babbling a bit, coz im not very good with writing things down im 1 of those who is better @ speaking face to face, but hopefully you get ma story & my point!!!
    Don't let anyone hurt you, boy's come & go, but if that baby makes you smile you will know it was all worth while. You are an individual, DONT let someone else take your feelings/thoughts etc away from you!
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    my man isn't like that but that was fantastic advice and well done you for making the right decision!
    good luck with your new life!

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