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Nov 9, 2005
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hi everyone! :D
some of you may know me already; my name is Pippa, I am 20, I am French but study in Edinburgh and am in my third trimester of pregnancy (this stops it sounding like a drug detox meeting). I still don't know if the baby is boy or girl and therefore call it I.E. Also I don't have a partner as the father dropped us from the very start, but I'm starting to think that was for the best!! :D

I'm absolutely delighted about this pregnancy and can't wait to chat to some of you out there who have been or are going through the same wonderful moment of our lives...

the reason i didnt write before is because i didnt have the internet >for those who were wondering :twisted: and I just skipped straight to 3rd tri thats why I'm introducing myself now

here is me before pregnancy, as other pics are on 3rd tri

so this is me and fishbreath, the baby's father!! (his name is Cedric and I know we both look 12 on the pic)


and this is me being myself: totally crackers!!

i hope by the end of this message i havent bored you to tears and if you want a chat i'm here often so PM me and i'll answer as soon as poss.
take care all of you :)
Pip & I.E xxxx
Ahhh bless. Hope you are OK. Yu look lovely hun on both piccy's.

I am OK and still here - waiting....................................

Speak soon,

Love Em xxxxxxxxxxxx
I think you're far too pretty to have been with fishbreath!!

Welcome officially to the forum again and the third trimester! Not too long to go now! You look great in your pictures.

thanks girls!

Emma, I hope she doesnt keep you waiting too long.. :wink:

and Sami I hope I get a chance to talk to you soon -I saw you havent had an easy time... keep smiling and I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!

Pip (and I.E) xxx
Awww thanks hunnie - yeah it would be cool to chat - you seem like agreat girl...

Look forward to reading more posts from you xx

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