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    Sorry to post in here but I don't think anyone hardly goes in the feeding section of the forum!

    So, George is 11 weeks old and I started off breastfeeding. We went through loads of crap like tongue tie and thrush blah blah.

    Anyway, at 9 weeks I decided to throw the towel in with breastfeeding which has made me seriously upset as I breastfed my first successfully for a year. I decided to quit it because he just wouldn't settle on the breast at all, he fed for about 5 minutes at a time and he wasn't ever satisfied after a feed EVER. I would be lucky to get an hour between feeds and with my lifestyle and a 5 year old daughter this just isn't possible to deal with.

    So I expressed for ages but of course that just takes over your life! I literally can't deal with that either.

    So I decided to combination feed. I feed him formula during the day and he has one breast feed during the night which weirdly he settles for.

    Anyway, with the bottle feeding, he is all over the place with the amount he takes. So in the mornings he can do a good 8 oz in one go, then 3 hours later he will show signs of being hungry so I will make him like a 6oz bottle and he will only do 3 oz. then 3 hours later, and hungry again he has another like 4oz. I guess the 3 hourly thing is a good thing but the amount he takes is all over the place. He is gaining weight but I don't ever see him nice and full and happy and satisfied, he is always crying even after a feed or half way through a feed.

    I am starting to think it is reflux, which i really don't want but of course I can't help it if it is. I am pretty sure it isn't colic because he doesn't scream and bring his legs up or anything. I know not a lot about reflux but all I know is I have a baby that has never been a good feeder and I am wondering if there is something further wrong with him. I have tried all makes of bottle and MAM come out on top for him, so that is sorted and I use the hipp organic formula that he seems to like.

    So anyone got any bright ideas as to why I just can't fully satisfy my baby with feeding? I don't really know what to do to be honest
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    My son had terrible reflux and was sick an awful lot. He had baby gavisicon and omeprezole but I got told if I was formula or bottle combi feeding then either a tiny bit baby rice or the thicker milks can really help as he was breastfeeding fed I had to start weening him on baby rice at 12 weeks.
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