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Discussion in 'Relationships' started by Gem, Feb 1, 2006.

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    Jun 21, 2005
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    Dec 16, 2005
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    Hiya Gem ...

    Ohhhh honey, Your really going through it at the moment arn't you chick.. I know what you mean about needing a hug belive me!!!

    It seems to me like your OH is feeling a little un-nerved and doesn't know how to be around little harry... does he come from a family with lots of children?? If not then this could explain some of his strange behaviour.

    Try and get him round soon, sit down and talk to him .... Ask him whats wrong and see whats bothering him ... if anything at all (could just be stress at work?)

    When he has had his say, tell him about how your feeling and why ...

    Babies take alot of getting used to and each party has his/her own way with ajusting to the change of having someone else in there lives... Belive me myself and my partner haven't been together long and we need to do the same, this baby is wanted but change isn't always easy ....

    If you don't feel you can talk about it, write it down for him... That's what i do sometimes either in an e-mail or a letter... But thats just me.

    Sorry your feeling like this at the moment, and i hope what i've said can help you in someway, ... If you ever need to chat P.M me..

    Take care, Love and best wishes

  3. Guest

    Hi hun I'm really not sure if any advice I give you is going to be useful or not. I'm just glad Harry only spent 2 weeks in SCBU and is now home and I presume well. It's a scary place on SCBU ward and it takes a tough person to get through it for as long as you did.

    I would talk to your OH when the time is appropriate and see how that works. Tell him how you are feeling. If you can't face him or he isn't about, send him a text to say you'd like to chat.

    Hope things improve soon,


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