a bit of a personal question sorry


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Nov 6, 2005
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ok ive been a bit worried about this for the past week now but to embarraced to ask about it at the midwife so here it goes anyone brave enough to omment or answer would be great!!

i feel all ive done all week is pooh (sorry about this im blushing like mad here) is it normal? just cant go one day withought running for one so on avarage im going at least 4 times a day and its not as though its runny (sorry again) its just a normal pooh, anyone else having this problem or is it just me??

sorry once again but had to ask
I had this when I was pregnant. I was going to the loo up to 7 times a day!! I did make a post about it but don't know if I can find it.
I'll have a look.

It's perfectly normal. Your body tends to empty out before you go into labour so that your 'exit' passage is empty as baby comes down along side it and also so that your body can put all its energy into pushing baby out rather than poo :shock:
i just wonderd as its my second baby i never had anything like this when i was pg with adele with her when i was in labour all i can remeber is wanting to p not pooh....lol

so glad you answerd youv put me at ease now i know its normal....lol

thanx hun xx
I have had this too!

You arent alone!!
I was on and off the loo the whole weekend before I had my Little boy - For me I think my body was clearing my system out for my imminent labour. My stools were very loose and very frequent (Sorry TMI) It started on the Friday and Ky arrived Sunday morning. I wonder if your baby getting ready to appear? - You've not got long now have you?
well i hope it is my body getting ready but its just that this has been going on for just over a week now and you can imagine i feel like an old woman with a sore botty (TMI sorry) well only got 4 days till i get took in to start being induced so hopefully i will go before then maybe saturday hehehehehe *wishfull thinking*

thanks for all your replies :wink:
When I went into labour (properly!) with Damien I had been pooing all week, and then I had a big 'clear out' which was a bit looser (TMI :oops: ) the day my waters broke. I thought my contractiosn were tummy ache :shock: :lol: - ask Tinke and *saulino* lol
omg im scared now sami as i am getting really bad cramps but its when i do need a you know what....lol

but im sure i will know if i go into labour i will go to the wee girls room and try and nothing will come...lol
I'd had false labour sooo many times before actually having him I thought it was a tummy ache cramps!! LOL

You're by your due date so you could be ready to pop now :) xx
im not due till tuesday but they are taing me in on monday night at 8pm to give me that prosteine gel or what ever its called to try start me off but they have stopped mine so many times to they will give me this gel and i just know it wont work baby wanted to come before and when they want it to comeits not going to budge i thinks its going to be a stuborn boy....lol
Weestar - did read my birth story!?. I didnt want to go into hospital - my Mum and D/H kept telling me I was in labour - but I was having none of it! It just felt exactly like constipation! I even took lactoluse to help it along!!!! :shock: :D :shock: :D

Sure enough I got there and I was 3 cms dialated and Heidi was on her way! :D

I was just convinced it wasnt that because she wasnt due for another 2.5 weeks!

L x
Hi lisa well you prob know now that i had teh baby i wasnt in labour and had to be induced so baby colby was born on tuesday 21st of march (my due date hehe)

ive put my story on the new arrivals.

Yeah i saw your story hehe bet your glad you went when you did otherwise you may have had a home birth!

anyway speak to ya soon take care love and hugs to all
Hi Weestar

Well, I thought I did - but I had another look and I didnt leave you a 'Congratulations' - to be honest I have to rush when I'm on here and very often miss posts etc


Hope you are getting on well!

L x
He he i know what u mean about rushing when you finnaly get online im the same im lucky if i get 20 mins to myself but ive just had a girl from accros the back from us come over shes ok shes 17 and just loves kids so she came in and fed colby while i got all my iorning done and wrapped some of Adeles birthday pressies up cos its her b/day on sunday. Just finnaly got some time together after everyone has stopped comming to see colby now they will all be over again next week grrrrrrrrr :wall: lol
What sort of party have you got planned for Adele!!?

I'm planning on having a proper party when Heidi is one. One with pass the parcel, musical statues, musical chairs etc AND party bags at the end when your on your way out the door!! lol

L x
Im not really sure what were doing yet as my sister from england may be comming up, and as we still dont know many people up here and all the kids are all older than adele wont be many to invite but with all my OH family and that comming up i guess it will just be a family thing but we have bought her a birthday cake as we have always done that anyway but im sure whatever we do she will have a good time :)
Sure you will have a great time whatever happens!

Enjoy! :D

L x

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