9DPO, exercise question, feeling rubbish :(

Discussion in 'Am I Pregnant?' started by broody2013, Apr 8, 2016.

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    I always feel pants in TWW! I get so many preg symptoms every cycle and every cycle its BFN after BFN so I've sort of accepted we will probably need a referral for help but that's a year away yet and we want to keep trying in case there's a small chance we could get a natural BFP.

    I'm just feeling a bit sorry for myself as the symptoms are in full force, in addition to my normal ones of increased appetite, cramps, sore boobs, tender bloated stomach, headaches and feeling tired, I'm also getting dizzy spells, low back pain and sharp stabbing lower abdominal pains which have made me jump at times. I have a cold and wonder if that could be making me feel worse than usual.

    I'm going to try to avoid testing early. I can't see another BFN :( I am booked in for spin class on Monday (12DPO) and Tuesday I'm going high intensity step class (13DPO). Am I right in thinking that doing those won't lower our chances of implantation if we happen to have caught and the cells were not yet implanted? I'm tired of worrying every TWW about scuppering our chances.

    Any advice appreciated, I am feeling so miserable :( xxx
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    Doing those things won't lower your chances Hun , all that stuff goes on deep inside so it's well protected. You've got a chance of it making you feel awful though if your not feeling well already. If I go to the gym when I have a cold coming the next day I feel like death. I'm sorry your having trouble conceiving Hun. Some get it easy some don't. Easier said than done but try to relax and do something else. Many ladies have caught while taking s break from TTC . Good luck babe I hope it happens soon xxxx

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