9 dpo symptoms baffling me. Help anyone??

Discussion in 'Am I Pregnant?' started by Proud mamma, Jul 17, 2016.

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    Jul 12, 2016
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    Hi ladies.
    Well me and my partner dtd on the 5th, 8th & 9th July. I ovulated either the 7th or 8th and my period is due in 5 days (22nd July). On the 13th I noticed my boobs were very tender and tmi but my cm was like milky and there was a lot. Both symptoms are very unusual for me that far away from my period. On the 14th I got very light cramping (also unusual for me) and my boobs were getting worse temp was 36.3. On the 15 th in the morning I had cramping pains very low in my groin for about 10 mins. Felt like af was coming but it didn't. At this point my boobs are getting bigger and very tender. On the 16th my boob are practically in touchable from the pain and I had terribly nausea and had a awful taste in my mouth (like I had been sucking a penny) terrible hot flashes too. Not today I had cramping for also about 10 mins felt like af again but nothing. A few nights ago I had almost like a pulsing feeling in my lower left side of my groin which was odd. Well the whole tender boobs only usually happens about a week before my period but when they started it was far too early. Every since then I've had a lot of milky cm but today when I woke up it wasn't that bad and neither were my boobs :/. Does anyone have any idea if these symptoms are a sign or me being pregnant and also when would I be able to test? Many thanks ladies xxx
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    They could be signs of pregnancy as our symptoms for pregnancy are similar to symptoms of AF it's always hard to tell. Generally speaking 12dpo is the earliest you should test for potentially positive result but even then you could be pregnant and get a negative. Good luck!

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