7 year old wetting the bed still...

Discussion in 'Growing Up' started by momof_2, Jan 4, 2012.

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    Hey all!, My 7 year old is still wetting the bed on almost a daily basis. I have spoken to the urologist who says that this is not an issue. That 1 in 7 children at age 7 wet the bed. So I am wondering if anyone has any tricks of the trade to offer. We are about to buy this 100 bed wetting alarm. blah, I really dont want to do this but am getting desperate. I am tired of alll the constant laundry!!
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    I was also wetting the bed at that age and the only thing that got me to stop was a nose spray proscribed by the gp. It slowed down the rate at which the kidneys produce urine and therefore pretty much guaranteed dry nights. I think I used it for about six months and when I stopped after that the bedwetting just stopped. They suspected that stressing about it was probably contributing to the problem in my case so the spray gave me confidence and broke the cycle.
    Another thing we got recommended was to make sure that I drank plenty of fluids during the day, so that my bladder got used to handling larger volumes of fluid.
    Hope this helps :)
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