7 week ultrasound scan, heart rate slow, worrying so much

Discussion in 'First Trimester' started by Rach154, Aug 21, 2016.

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    Aug 21, 2016
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    Wondering if any ladies on here can give me any words of reassurance or something to give me some hope, as OH and I are currently feeling so low.
    We had a scan at 5 weeks at the epu as I was suffering with backache and they said everything looked fine, booked us in for a 7 week scan to see the heartbeat. Sadly, we went for our 7 week scan on Thursday and it wasn't as we were expecting. The sonographer said that we were measuring perfectly, everything had grown to 7 weeks and looked great, however the heartbeat was visible, but slow. She said it was a 'concern' and although we may come back next week to see everything is fine, we should also prepare ourselves for bad news. She didn't tell us the speed of the heart just said it was slow.
    We're pretty much convinced were going to have a miscarriage now and feel like our dreams of having a baby have been totally crushed. The only positive thing that's keeping me going is that over the last few days I seem to have developed some promising symptoms, a lot of nausea and feeling generally rotten, headachy, sort of like I'm hungover.
    Wondering if any ladies have had a similar experience with the heart rate and have any success stories they could share with me, as I'm totally and utterly preparing myself for the worst :( thank you xxx
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    Sep 12, 2015
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    Hey Rach, I'm really sorry to hear that your scan didn't go as planned, I don't have any experience on hearing a slow heartbeat, sadly I had two missed miscarriages and I know how scary ultrasounds can be (I'm pregnant again now)

    Do you have any private clinics near you where they could scan you and give you advise?

    I know it's hard but the most important thing is for you to stay calm and relax, did the give you any advise? Maybe about taking baby Asprin? I'm currently taking a very low dose (75mg) I'm not staying you should take it and I don't know if it helps but it thins the blood to the uterus which gives the baby the oxygen and nutrients xxxz
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