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May 26, 2005
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i have just found out that i am 4 weeks pregnant and wondered if the doctors are supposed to confirm this. I went to the doctors on Tuesday and i thought this would have been confirmed. I want to tell my work but am worried as i have heard other people say not to untill the first scan is done and also do you know if they do early scans to show everything is ok?? i have not had any bleeding but i do get quite bad stomach cramps and these are realy scaring me, also my lower back feels very uncomfortable. is ths normal at this stage??

please reply

hi jojo, you will have your first scan at 12 weeks, but you should hear from a widwife before then so conferm dates etc

cramps and lower back pain are normal, please try not to worry to much :)

thanks very much for replying.

I have a midwifes appointment tomorrow, the doctor i went to tell about the pregnancy was pretty useless. i think its a little early but i have alot of questions i need to ask. I have a holiday booked in 2 weeks time and worried about flying and food over there.
as far as i know, flying is fine up untill 30 weeks pregnant, im not 100% sure on that tho.
as for foods, there are certian ones now that you cant eat, pate, soft cheese etc
i just found this on the net, hope it helps xxx

Foods to avoid are:

unpasteurised milks

soft, ripened cheeses (varieties such as brie, camembert, and similar blue veined varieties)

ice-cream from soft whip machines (wrapped or block ice-cream is fine)

patés — all types

raw and undercooked eggs (thoroughly cook eggs until both the white and yolk are solid)

liver and liver products

mayonnaise (homemade)

shark, marlin and swordfish should be avoided and tuna restricted to two medium cans or one fresh steak per week. This follows concerns about mercury in these fish and also applies to women who are breastfeeding or intending to become pregnant.
I flew to Greece when I was 12 weeks and ate all sorts of food out there, as im a veggie, the liver or fish doesnt affect me!!! Just had to make sure my breakfast came with hard eggs!!

Good luck
Natalie x

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