30 + 2 Preterm Labour

Discussion in 'High Risk Pregnancy' started by Chel28, Sep 4, 2020.

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    Sep 4, 2020
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    Hey guys I’m new here and just wondering if anyone has gone or going thru what I am at the moment x

    I’ve had pregnancy induced high blood pressure and high afi during this pregnancy.

    4 day’s ago my midwife sent me for monitoring due to reduced movements. While being on the monitor it was picking up tightenings which I had just put down to Braxton Hicks. My tightenings were 4/10 so I instantly got moved to labour ward completely frightened as I was 29+5 at this point. Due to the scbu being from 32 weeks I was put on a drip to slow the labour down in order to transfered to a hospital over an hour away. I was given steroid injections to boost baby’s lungs.
    Due to the drip my contractions became less and less intense and irregular. I came off the drips yesterday morning at 8.30 and was sent home 11.48pm last night dispite still having the tightenings because they was irregular and needed the bed I had to leave.
    My baby is under on growth and on scan 2 days ago was weighing around just 2lb 12oz. My concern is what’s going to happen I’m so worried I’m not going to be able to get to the hospital in time and even then my local don’t accept prem under 32 weeks so she would have to be rushed out straight away. I have mental health and this situation is really distressing for me. My last little girl was born 34 weeks and The labour was very quick she was 4lb 2oz and the contractions wasn’t as bad as they was on my 1st born full term x

    sorry for the essay
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    I had exactly the same situation as you. My contractions were stopped with atosiban drip and in the end he was born at 36+6. They will keep a close eye on you.
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    Aug 3, 2015
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    I can't help with my own experiences, just wanted to wish you all the best

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