3 year old terrible sleeper- please help!

Discussion in 'Baby & Toddler' started by tinkerbates, Jun 20, 2016.

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    Hello all,

    Not posted on here for a very long time. My DS was 3 last month and has never been the best sleeper. To give some background, I was in a bad relationship when he was born and DS & I co-slept immediately to keep the ex away from me and him (wrong reasons I know!) then i left his Dad and moved into a 1 bed place so again we co slept. I moved house when he was almost two and initially he went into his own room really well, although he has always needed me to settle him.

    Sleeping went downhill again about 6 months ago so I started with gradual retreat, went from lying next to him, to sitting, to no touching, to being sat on a chair by his bed. His sleep improved so much I was only in there 10 mins at night and I was happy with that so I kept sitting near his bed.

    But it's quickly gone down hill again and now all night, every night is bad. Its taking me hours to get him to sleep, most nights he's not asleep until 9-9.30pm. He wakes any time between 1-3am and will be awake for a couple of hours, not playing, just laying there checking I'm still there. Then he's in my bed by 5am and wants to get up by 6-6.30am at the latest.

    I am 28 weeks pregnant and I'm starting to suffer physically and mentally with sleep deprivation. He is so naughty 80% of the time because he is so tired. Nap or no nap doesnt seem to make a difference. What can I do??
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    First yawn at 6 ish at night, take him bed. He might even go earlier to catch up from not sleeping around 12 hrs X


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