3 days to testing


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Jul 16, 2005
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It's that time again.Not 100% whn i'm due. Since m c in May Ive 1st af in June next 30 days after & last one after 26/27 days. Can I ask someone a stupid question? Ive always sorta built up to getting af i mean I dont just wake up bleedin some morn. I start to spot & day by day gradually build up. I count the spottn as first day even though only a trace am i right?
I'm sorta all ovr. the place. Feeln different this month can't put my finger on it not eatn as much as usual but maybe thats just all in my head.Finding this ttc hard . I try to take it easy but it's consuming my every thought. I feel like af is coming niggly little pains crying all the time. Guess I'll know soon enough.
Congrats to all new BFPS delighted for you all as you've been through all this waiting & wanting too. Lorrie :roll:
sounds promising hun hope you get a bfp when are you going to test?
good luck xxxxxxxxxx
Hi Lorrie,

as Rach says.. sounds promising... I had very different niggly pains and spotting from Ovulation to day 1 of missed AF so I did test that day and was +. I also had weird light cramps from Ovulation to AF due date so I knew something was different too.

good luck with testing....
Hi Lorrie

Good luck testing! fingers, toes and everthing else crossed for you.

I usually start counting day 1 when i start with really red blood! (sorry) if i start spotting at nite time.. I don't start counting till the next day when i'm a little heavier. Let's hope you don't have to worry about any more AF's for the next 9 months.
Thanks girlies, due af Thurs. Will test Sat if doesn't arrive.Have feelin my answer is coming shortly though.Feel like I'm about to get af,very stressed & agin that niggly feelin.Dont think I can stand the disappointment again.Has any1 ever felt pmt symptoms & then got bfp.
Good luck Hayley fingers crossed for u. :wink: x

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