2WW with PMS Begins....


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Oct 30, 2006
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Well im pretty sure I ovulated on tuesday, not just by my temps but because my PMS started today which usually gives me a lovely 14 days of sore boobs, AF cramps, severe mood swings and to be honest just wanting to crawl into a hole and not come out till its passed lol, im sure its got worse since TTC.

Anyone else get this level of PMS and on the 2WW? I know its a longshot but it would be cool to have a PMS buddy lol
Just think, spending half your time with PMS :x , you poor thing. I don't really get PMS although I'm sure OH thinks different. It looks like you did Ov on Tuesday, I'm suprised FF hasn't put your lines in. What date will you be testing? Good luck :hug:
Oh hun believe me you dont want PMS like this, since lastnight ive decided my DF is bored of me and is going to cheat, that I am pretty ugly and fat and why would he want me, that im going to lose my job and that i should just to run away for a while. All rubbish of course. Same sh*t different month though! :wall:

Oh well lol, I know deep inside its all just PMS but what I put my OH through, its just not fair.

Im gonna see what my temps like tomorrow and if ff hasnt put line in I'll have to put it in manually I guess, not sure what the cover line would be though?
Poor you have a :hug: , and another :hug: for your poor OH. Isn't there some vitamins or something that can ease PMS :think:
Thanks hun, ive tried most things and im limited in what I can take while trying incase I catch, I usually dust myself down after a couple of days once my brain catches on that its all just PMS lol!
I think maybe you haven't got you lines yet because you earlier temps might have been a bit higher than usual due to your grotty cold- maybe you could click to discard a few of the very high ones and that might give you your lines

How the pms eases :hug:
Thanks fothers I'll try that now!

I feel loads better now ive got home and had a nice dinner and a nice chat with OH, he is a true star :angel:
you need 3 high temps to get your lines / ov comfirmed! hence ur always already 3dpo when u get em ! so maybe tomorrow !
nope not yet lol, of course theres always the possibility I havnt ov'd yet, I do sometimes have 40 odd day cycles so its possible? Although it does look like I have.......you know what if ive ov'd when I thought I did then we timed some BDing pretty well so im not gonna worry too much about the red lines appearing, would be nice to see what my cover line is but heyho lol
That sounds promising hun :D Fingers crossed for you this month :hug:
Thanks all, im not going to get my hopes up, im just going to carry on with the usual and see what happens :D
Very interesting - lots of baby dust and hugs for you :hug:

How long have you been TTC?
thanks tots hope :hug:

weve been trying since nov 05, so about 16 months, his had his swimmers tested and they are all doing what they should, and now im just waiting for results of a smear before the hormone checks etc.

Got a good feeling about this month, but then I have had every other month so trying not to get my hopes up lol

How long have you been at it?
Only 3 months so not long at all. I cant imagine how you feel 16 months is so long, seriously hope this is your month. :pray:

I have been reading previous questions and there is so much you can learn from them - so many potions around as well.

I was always under the impression that once i had come off the pill i would fall pregnant straight away but proved myself wrong!

Temps were a bit wild last month but at the moment seem to have settled down.

Were you taking your magic medicine this month?
I did try the magic medicine but it just made me ill, brought on a nasty cough which meant the last thing I wanted to do was BD lol, kind of defeated the object!

Ive got other half on Zinc and ive been taking folic acid since we started TTC, just got to let nature do its thing I guess!

Your right about this forum, I was pretty much clueless before I found this place and now my DF is amazed at my superior knowledge (well superior to him lol) :rotfl:

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