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    So I don't know if anyone can give me some advice or comments, I am a little confused right now...My hubs and I are TTC.

    I have a 25 day cycle. My af ended on June 22nd (began June 17th). My husband and I Bd'd on that day but I had a negative OPK. On June 23rd, We BD'd early in the morning and a few hours later, I had a positive OPK. Due to our crazy schedule, we didn't get a chance to BD the rest of the week (June 24-30), however, I kept testing (because I am obsessive). I had a positive OPK (Clearblue Digital) for 8 days in a row. Today it is negative (7/1/13). Weird thing, on Saturday (June 29th), during the afternoon, I went to the bathroom and their was light pink, red and brown blood on my underwear. It wasn't necessarily spotting, it was almost as if I started my period so I put a pad on and freaked out a little. On the pad it was just a few spots but whenever I would wipe, it was brownish/redish wetness (I can't think of the word...it wasn't thick or heavy...TMI). Anyway, it lasted just the rest of the afternoon and evening and it was gone on Sunday.

    It's now 11 days before AF...Negative preggo tests already. I assume it maybe too soon. Today, for the first time ever in my life...I got up from my desk and work and felt light headed so I had to sit back down. I feel a little heavier in my uterus area...

    Maybe it's all just in my mind but the whole bleeding thing on Saturday freaked me out. I usually get pink discharge two days after my period (due to a cyst) but not 8 days after and looking like it did on top of the fact that I had 8 days of positive OPKs.

    Does anyone have any clue what the 8 days of positive opks are and/or a guess what the bleeding might have been from 7 days post AF???


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