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    So I am not pregnant yet, but I do get pregnant quick, so I am freakin' out I have factor V Leiden heterozygous- tendency to clot more than people without this condition. I have a three year old and desperately want to complete my family with baby number 2 as I had three miscarriages last year I had tests and found I had this condition.

    I am scared that I'll die when pregnant I know it sounds extreme but I have these awful thoughts of getting blood clots in my lungs my baby being still born haemorrhaging from injecting daily to thin my blood, all these mental thoughts go through my mind daily but I dream of my second baby. I can't get it out of my head! 1 in 20 people have this condition and I keep telling myself that I don't hear of many people dying from it. I am 27 almost, and have a good BMI- I smoke a vapour cig but no real cigs for donkeys years. I eat healthy excercise- yeah I need to do more of this other than this I am ok generally! But since my last miscarriage in November I have had terrible anxiety. I lost a lot of blood lost consciousness and thought I was dying! Was terrible, and it put me off big style, but that broody self has come back. Please can anyone offer me any sane advice? Cos I am scared but I want another baby xx

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