26+6 measuring on the 90th centile :) maternity and housing discussions too x

Discussion in 'Second Trimester' started by honeybear, Dec 12, 2016.

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    Hello ladies
    Had my midwife appointment this morning and baby had his first measurement and he's measuring 27 on the left side and on the 90th centile line (top one) not bad for his first measurement haha. Midwifes always seemed to think I was abit on bigger side for my weeks pregnant. It's nothing too drastic but plotting right up there straight away think he's going to be a bigger boy.
    Second tri is dragging so much :(
    Had to let go of my beloved belly bar too

    Still waiting for a house on the list a higher band but creating a fuss I can't afford a two bedroomed home since I've been signed off sick which hasn't been my fault as every time I get stressed I get sick all over again. Can't win with them at the moment worried what the health visitors will think if I. Don't get it sorted in time. Waiting for my pay slips so I can claim maternity allowance anyone idea on that current back logs or how long it takes ? Sure start grant information?
    Had my employer meeting im due back at work next September which was around when I wanted anyway.

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