24 week scan

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May 26, 2005
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I'll upload it later, guys, cooking dinner and we all know how urgent that task becomes! *starving*

Anyway, at 24 weeks he told me there was not even a chance of seeing the sex of the baby by accident (I am in Ireland, the only thing I can think of is that we don't have such good scanners over here). Baby was a good size and healthy, thank God. Little tyke yawned at the scan. I am still ambiguous as to the sex, myself, I can't make up my mind what I think I'm having! Thought it was a boy from the scan on the screen, but from the printout, I'm saying "girl"! :lol:

We asked about a few things then, the obstetrician said it was fine for me to fly right up to 32 weeks, as long as they are not long haul flights. Yahoo! But when I asked about the birth plan he seemed taken aback! I forget that I had read about these things in a Miriam Stoppard book and I think he thought my GP had told me to ask. Birth plans, it appears, are not the norm here, but I won't be refused anything I ask for, bar strange requests like taking home the placenta (that's what he said!).

He then asked me if my GP had a sample birth plan, and my husband told me that he winked at him while he said it (we were getting up to leave at the time). I thought that was a little patronising, as though I were all full of these hippy notions...where did I get them from, a load of women, I guess (my GP's practice is run by a woman, and my GP is a woman, rather unusual here, I guess.) But I like him, most of the time!

Upload the photo later, I smell dinner burning!

Hi Tiny

Gosh - things are definitely more different in Ireland than I realised. That was patronising of him. I think Birth plans (or birth preferences) are so normal here - there's a section for it in my maternity notes!

Looking forward to seeing the scan piccies


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