21 week scan picture - we saw 'it's' sex!!

Had our routine 21 week scan picture yesterday and had previously decided that we weren't going to find out the sex of the baby and just keep it a secret till the day of the birth. Totally different story when we got in there though.... little munchkin decided to have it's legs wide open for all to see what sex 'it' is. Sonographer didn't even have to tell us - we already knew :D Only told our parents though the sex of the baby - all our friends will have to wait till the birth as it wasn't 100% confirmed.
Can't stop grinning though - I'm well chuffed :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D


(turn ya head to the left a bit and you'll make out how chubby little one's face is ) :D
cool pic sami :)

I think your having a boy
Thats brilliant Sami!!!

I was wondering how you were getting on earlier, so now I know!!!

Well done for the great scan!!!!

I am so pleased for you!

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
Sami that's wonderful.. I'm guessing a boy - presuming your motherly instincts were better than mine :lol:
For those who have guessed - I tried to stay quiet - but I know you girls won't tell....................

It's a BOY!!!!!!

my motherly instincts were right all along...and oh my - what a boy he was!! Clear as day :lol:
That is soooooo funny. I closed my browser and then thought "she'll never keep it secret for long" (because I never could) and there it was :lol: :lol: :lol:

Haha I know - I couldn't keep it quiet - i just wanna run around shouting and screaming - 'Ive got a boy!!' from the top of my lungs. I feel like the proudest mum-to-be - even though I know we all are :D :lol:

I'm just so happy. Baby was fine though - no problems, placenta in good position and everything is perfect :D
Hurray!!!! That's how I felt.

My placenta is still over my cervix :? Hoping my cervix will hold out long enough to allow my placenta to grow upwards (if it ever will). Hmm, it's all so complicated.
Hopefully as your uterus stetches it will grow 'up' onto the side more and leave you cervix. Have you got another scan booked for about 34 weeks to check it?

(still grinning to myself like a tit about the scan :lol: )
:lol: Well I did wonder if it was a boy, it must have had it dangling right out :lol:

Really pleased for you Sami :D
aw congratulations sami!! bet your OH is chuffed to bits too!

now you just need to think of names!!

I have my scan on the 5th oct - can't wait to find out. i feel like i'm having a girl but we'll see!! x
Hi Sami

I have scans every two weeks for my incompetent cervix - that's why I'm worried I may go into labour before the placenta moves. Fingers crossed everything will be ok.
hi Sami

congratulation love. i am really pleased for you.

I had a scan yesterday but they were not 100% sure if they saw a winkle or not. A bit gutted because i wanted to know. i wanted to run out and buy something blue or pink.

i have got another scan on 26 september so i will ask, bit hard as DH will be with me this time and doesnt want to know. so he will just have to go out of the room.

I havent had any inklings what i am having, but i am not really bothered about the sex i just want to hold baby.

once again Sami well done.

Hi Sami

Im really pleased for you!! I know what troubles you had to begin with - makes it all worth it now!!! great news! A baby boy - how cute!!!

L x
Thanks peeps :D Still well happy.

We've decided on Damien Ayrton (surname radford) if it definately comes out a boy haha. Back up name for girl is India Lily Radford.

I can't wait now :D
I love your names Sami. Congratulations on it being a boy! I have my scan on Friday, but we've decided not to find out and wait for a surprise (unless I change my mind at the last minute - very tempting!!)

Congratulations Sami

Thats such fabulous news and Im so jealous you could see and I havnt been able to tell !!

Ohhhhh so glad all was well hun

Mwah x
Ragna x

P.S Went shopping yesterday !!! (at long last !)

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